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ERP / CRM / EIM/ BI systems



Affordable solution for web-based applications and enterprise portals development

Intrexx is a development and administration platform for web-applications and corporate portals from United Planet (Germany).

With the market-leading standard software you link people and information in processes that promote communication within the company, consolidate and simplify existing applications, manage documents and projects, and make your applications mobile.


  • Intuitive administration and development via drag'n'drop
  • Lots of templates and easy-to-use settings
  • Implementation of custom requirements with intelligent wizards within a short time scale
  • No need to have any pogramming skills
  • Corporate portal development within several hours
  • Integration with existing databases in less than 8 minutes
  • A number of adapters for integration with different apps and databases
  • Easy development of mobile apps for devices of any type
  • Powerful built in index-based search engine
  • Dozens of ready-to-use apps

Functions Functions

  • Develop and customize applications
  • Integrate existing data
  • Establish data relationships
  • Search for information
  • Automate processes
  • Design templates and menus
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Mobile access to all applications
  • Administer the system

Key benefits Key benefits

  • Quick and easy integration of all existing data
  • Significant cost and resource savings for application development
  • 10 times faster than all existing similar systems
  • Automation of workflows and processes
  • Fast development of mobile apps
  • A true cross-platform solution
  • Flexibility and capability to adjust to your business needs
  • Additional opportunities to use dozens of ready-made applications
  • Enterprise portal and mobile business support in one software solution

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