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ERP / CRM / EIM/ BI systems



QuoHotel is a management software for hotels and hotel chains built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV which allows you control all your business management areas in an integrated way, from Reception to Financial management, including POS, Purchases, CRM, Halls and Events, Spas and Wellness, etc.

More than 40 hotel chains and 600 establishments (chains and independent hotels) endorse Quonext Tourism’s vendor and supplier work. Furthermore, this hotel management software has more than 20 years of experience.

QuoHotel is a comprehensive hotel management software, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which allows hotel owners control all their business management areas with a single software, drilling down to the data source.

The latest technological developments are incorporated in this solution, so currently QuoHotel can be linked to the most used systems and peripherals (CRM, Channel Manager and OTAs, magnetic cards recorders, scanners, PayTV...) and to the future integrations that may be required.

All hotel business areas are covered by QuoHotel: Reception, Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Point of Sale, etc. This management software includes all chain’s specific requirements, such as grouped data viewing, Booking central, Purchases central and centrali- zation...

QuoHotel can be adapted to each one of the software architecture requirements in a hotel business: centralized, distributed or mixed.

For companies like: For companies like:

  • Vacation hotels
  • SPA hotels
  • City hotels
  • Appartment hotels and golf complexes.

Modules Modules

  • Reception
  • Booking
  • Commercial
  • Financial Management
  • Extended Reserva- tions Central (CRX)
  • Time Sharing
  • Production
  • Management control
  • Collections and cash control
  • Invoicing
  • CRM
  • Business Group
  • QuoHotel Mobile
  • Business Intelligence
  • Point of Sale
  • Spa and Wellness
  • Halls and Events
  • Purchases Central
  • Purchases
  • Additional modules

Key benefits Key benefits

  • Integration: QuoHotel manages all business areas without multiple interfaces
  • Technology: all the latest technological developments and requirements are available thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform
  • Architecture: QuoHotel meets all servers allocation requirements (centralized, distributed or mixed)
  • Adaptability: QuoHotel is 100% adaptable to each one of your business requirements
  • Online data viewing: QuoHotel shows your real-time business status every time you need it, regardless of your software architecture
  • Growth potential: QuoHotel provides the implementation of previously specified processes just to replicate them in new installations