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Discrete manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing usually is characterized as manufacturing of specific customer orders or production of unique items according to the specific requirements of the customer  where end products have high value. 

In order to be successful one company - a discrete manufacturer must very quickly respond to the needs of its customer and to offer flexible prices. It is crucial that every operation is precisely managed, all the production costs strictly controled which could be fulfilled by  ERP solution - like Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For companies like: For companies like:

Companies that are focused on discrete manufacturing are:

  • automotive manufacturers
  • hi-tech and electronics manufacturers
  • industrial equipment manufacturers
  • medical equipment manufacturers, etc.

Modules Modules

  • Finances and accounting
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and marketing
  • Warehouse management
  • Quality control
  • Distribution
  • CRM
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence

Benefits Benefits

  • Planning and time optimisation for every production cycle
  • Strict control over the production processes from the beginning to the end 
  • Better management of projects for production of unique orders
  • Tracking by dates, activities, materials and subcontractor activities 
  • Quick response to changed requirement on the design, delivery terms, production operations
  • Accurate, up-to-date pricing of every operation
  • Shorter time for employee training 
  • Better relations with customers and suppliers 
  • Effective presales and postsales activities in the company