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ERP solutions by Industry



Nowadays the retail companies are facing numerous challenges. In order to succeed they have to balance carefully between reducing the investments in inventory levels  and supporting enough inventory in the warehouse, between improving the customer service and the labour costs, between the reducing of the operational costs and the development of new divisions.

The main concept of Microsoft Dynamics about the retail is focused on  user-friendly  interface, good relationships with the customers and the suppliers, implementation of innovations and more opportunities for the companies to choose how they can use the solutions in their business. 

The special solutions LS Retail for management of retail companies is based and fully integrated with the ERP systems Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV . It is as well tailored esspecialy according to their specific needs and requirements. Thus there is no need of projecting, using and supporting separate software applications. The solution integrates all the activities in a retail company - from the single store to the headquarter, from the POS terminals through the warehouse, merchadising to the back-office.

For companies like: For companies like:

The retail solution is designed for:

  • international retail chains
  • discounters
  • small, medium and large stores 

Benefits Benefits

  • Better warehouse management and different merchandising solutions 
  • More complex transactions, even with discount coupons and special offers 
  • More knowledge about the profitability by items, departments, stores
  • Quick response to the changes in the purchasing behaviour of the customers
  • Better pricing of the items, based on facts
  • Better customer service
  • Opportunity for analyses in real time of the data from the different channels 

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